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English cream dachshund

English Cream Dachshund

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Beautiful English cream dachshunds for sale. Dachshund running with a tennis ball.

Welcome to the home of Belle Amore Dachshunds

where our English cream dachshunds are cherished and loved by our family every day. In fact, that is what inspired the name of our kennel. Belle, because English Cream Dachshunds are always irresistibly beautiful, and amore because they are so easy to love with their precious, endearing nature. Belle Amore Dachshunds is a show home, always striving to be the home of champions, but first and foremost we are totally in love with our English Cream Dachshunds. I know once you have visited Belle Amore Dachshunds you will fall in love with this amazing breed. ~ they will capture your heart.

Enjoy your visit with us!

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