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English Cream Dachshund puppies... always a time to celebrate!

Belle Amore Dachshunds

Red and cream dachshund showing her beautiful coat

This is one of our gorgeous red and cream puppies all grown up.

Our little ones are available to be adopted by loving famlies that are committed to a lifetime of  hugs, kisses and devotion to their puppy. If you are ready to embrace a new family member please contact us so we can assist you with the adoption of your new, forever most precious dachshund puppy.

Mattie was born on November 2, 2023. Her mother is Lilybelle and her father is Finnegan (they both have pictures on the Our Dachshund page. Mattie is a shaded cream and her fingernails are white. Her cream will continue to develop over the next few months. Mattie is developing wonderfully and is very healthy. She is eager to explore and loves being held. Mattie likes to lay on her back which indicates she feels safe and confident. She likes tummy rubs and easily falls asleep in my arms.

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