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English Cream Dachshund puppies going home... the best day ever!

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Shaded English Cream Dachshund

Shaded English Cream Dachshund

English Cream Dachshund

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one of our first english cream dachshund puppies

This little Englich cream beauty is a puppy from

our first litter in 2010

Once you have made the decision in your heart to adopt a little doxie baby, it is time to turn in your application. This significant step will add you to our waiting list. All applications are dated on the day we recieve them. At the bottom of the application there is a section to indicate the characterisitcs you would like to see in your puppy: gender, coat color, and any other specifics you want to add that are important to you. All of this information is recorded on an Excel spreadsheet for matching purposes.


Infant Care:

After the puppies are born they stay in a pen with their mother. These pens are located in our very large family room. It is the main room in our home, where we congregate for relaxation and be together as a family. Babies are exposed to our routines and family "chaos" from day one. They are handled and doted on every day by many eager hands. When the puppies are four weeks old they are offered softened Purina ProPlan for puppies. We increase the daily portions gradually as we prepare them to join their family.

Medical Care:

Our puppies go to the veterinarian when they are six weeks old for a thorough medical examination. They receive their first baby shots and are treated for parasites. We provide excellent medical care to our dogs and will do the same with any puppy that needs special attention. Occasionally, we will have a little one that needs some extra TLC and we are ready and willing to provide just what the puppy needs.

Matching Process:

Matching puppies to families can be a daunting responsibility and sometimes, very complicated. Once the veterinarian verifies that each puppy is healthy and developmentally sound, puppies are ready for the matching process. At this point we rely on the Excel spreadsheet to guide our decisions on matching the best puppy for your family. The earliest application date will get the next puppy, and on down the line. After the date, we look at the puppy characteristics each family has identified. The combination of this data determines all puppy matching. 

Number One Question:

The number one question I am asked is "When will my puppy come home?" The honest answer is, I don't know. Mother Nature is in charge of everything really: when puppies will be born, their gender and their coat color. She can be unpredictable, but we are always on alert and ready to proceed with breedings when the timing is right. Naturally, your application date is a major factor during this process, but puppy characteristics are equally important. The more flexible you are the quicker you will move up the waiting list. 

Going Home Goodies:

All families receive a going home goody bag for their puppy. It will include a small security blanket that has absorbed all of the smells a puppy is familiar with; birthmother, litter mates, our family, and even the smell of our detergent. They will also get a new "binky" like the one they have played with in their pen and a small bag of Purina ProPlan puppy food. Additional documents will also be included.


Going Home:

With puppies in over thirty-five states, we are accustomed to working with families that do not live close by. Because we do not ship our puppies you will have to travel to bring your puppy home. You have the choice of driving to our home, flying into our local airport or a different airport close by. We can also have your puppy escorted home by one of our Travel Buddies. Fees associated with our Travel Buddy service will be based on distance of travel, flight/hotel costs, and time associated with the delivery of your little one.

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