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English Cream Dachshunds... messages from those who love them!


Belle Amore  Dachshunds

English Cream Dachshund

Black Dachshund

Dapple Dachshund

Dachshund puppies for sale

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English cream dachshunds like to have their pictures taken.

This is one of our precious puppies all grown up.

Shaded cream dachshund looking at his beautiful reflection in the water.


We thoroughly love and are enjoying our little Pippin! There's so much we love about him: his English Cream coloring with black around the edges of his ears, black along the top of his tail, and, of course, his beautiful black-lined eyes. We think his paws are extra cute, too. But his personality is our favorite thing about him; he is sweet and wonderfully affectionate, usually calm and quiet. He is very social, loves being with us, and we love that. Pippin is  playful, and enjoys interaction with us and with other dogs, and is good with our young grandchildren. He is so beautiful, he gets plenty of attention whenever we have him out in town. We are very pleased with our Belle Amore Dachshund, and thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs! Joy (South Carolina)

Puppy all ready for a dachshund Thanksgiving feast


Olivia is gorgeous!! I always knew she would be but it is so special to see her developing into such a beauty. She is a real sweetheart and truly special, Thank you for giving us this angel!  We love her with all of our hearts. Aly (Maryland)

Conner is likely to be a shaded english cream dachshund as an adult.



I want to thank you for the visit we had with you and the perfect time to meet the most ideal puppy. I wanted to let you know that we got home safely. The puppy was very calm and a good boy during our drive and flight home. He was a little shy because he is in a new place with a new pet parent. We took him to a beautiful park that is nearby and he played with us a lot. We decided to name the puppy "Shu." We call his name twice like "Shu Shu." This name comes from "Chou (Shu)" cream in Japanese pronunciation, which is "cream puff" of dessert. His long cream hair is very beautiful. We will always cherish Shu Shu. Hiroyuki (Ohio)   


After his 14 hour trip home with cancelled flights and a rental car ride to Charlotte, we made it home. Otto was the star of the airport with everyone asking about him and wanting to pet him. Otto was perfect for the whole trip! The people around us on the plane did not realize Otto was on the plane until we were getting off. Otto's personality started coming out as soon as we got to our house (he is one fast wiener dog). He is exploring the backyard, riding in the car with us and sitting in our lap. We cannot thank you enough for Otto. He puts a constant smile on our faces. Cheryl and Jim (Colorado)

English cream dachshunds have the cutest appearance and great disposition. We strive to get black noses, black, almond shaped  eyes and some shading. See this puppy's shading on her ears?


Sweet Blair is doing very well!  She is full of personality and always in a good mood. She loves playing fetch and chasing all of her toys, then loves to cuddle up once she's tired. Everywhere we go she gets compliments on how beautiful she is! She enjoys all of the attention. The picture is Blair with her team bows watching her first UT game! She lights up my life every day and I feel truly blessed to have her. Laura (Tennessee)


Ginger has adapted well to life on a boat. She has a little grass pad on the boat that she uses when we can't get to land. She doesn't like to swim, so she always wears a life jacket when we are out. She has enjoyed our adventures in Florida and our visit to Dry Tortugas and has adjusted to airports and flying. She is so special. We love her and can't imagine our adventures without her! Jill (Florida)


I just wanted to let you know that Pipper is doing great. She loves to play and snuggle and is very fast on her feet. We are so happy to have her, she's a real cutie pie. Every time we take her to the vet the staff take turns holding her until the doc is ready to see her. The doc says she is too cute to give shots. Carolyn and Bill (Michigan)

Red long hair miniature teenager


November 28th, 2016 our little boy was born. Thank you Peggy for bringing the joy of our lives into this world! Patty (California)

Dachshund with his new, human parents


Cooper was an angel on the way home! And, the kids and I loved meeting him! He was licking, wagging his tail, playing with all his toys and snuggling! He is an angel and we are so happy he is home with us! He is fast asleep on Luke's lap right now! We are head over heels in love.  He is the most adorable puppy I have ever seen! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Wags and kisses, Kim, Marco, Zoe and Luke (New Jersey)

English Cream with an intense look at the camera


I wanted to let you know Oliver has brought so much laughter into our home! We are thoroughly enjoying him...he is hysterically funny and charms everyone he meets. Oliver is doing great in his obedience training and maturing into a delightful dog. People are so drawn to interact with him... even people who don't normally like dogs! He comes with me to the counseling office every day and is turning into a great "co-counselor!" Everybody loves him! I think my clients are really coming to see him now! Thank you for such an amazing dog! He is a gem. We LOVE this little boy! Marcia (South Dakota)

These kiddos love their new english cream dachshund puppy.


Happy the dachshund in the snow


Happy is more adorable than his pictures! His cream color is so beautiful! He is the cutest thing! He is such a sweet boy and getting used to us. He was only home ten minutes and he started playing with kids and he follows me every where now. He is very expressive with his feelings too and let's us know what he wants. He is now three years old. We love him so much. Zeyno (Nevada) 

We occasionally have shaded red dachshund puppies.


Our little Teddy is such a joy in our home. He loves to snuggle with Brenda and I almost anytime. He has become great friends with our Labdoodle, Georgia, she and Teddy play their own brand of "tag" that nobody wins. They are the best of buddies. Teddy is a beautiful little boy that is sweet, loving and full of life. We love him to the moon! Tim (Alabama)

English cream dachshund puppy


Callie makes us laugh every day. Her puppy profile was spot on, she is confident, adventurous, loves to give kisses and does run like the wind!  From the first day home she slept almost through the night. She seemed to know a daily household routine so we can tell she spent her first eight weeks living right next to you. Callie loves to be outside with us and run around the yard smelling for chipmunks, squirrels and rabbits. She is so friendly and rolls over for belly rubs with everyone she meets!  She is a show-stopper at the weekly farmers market and out on our walks.  She plays hard and also naps hard. She loves to lay on Craig's lap in the morning Her coat is getting much lighter and her shading is beautiful. Her longer hair is coming in especially on her tail and back leg "feathers".  Callie has been a great puppy and we are so happy to have her as part of the family.  Caroline (New Jersey)

Halo was very tiny at birth and as an adult is about 5.5 pounds. She's a beautiful. English cream dachshund.


Halo has been such a wonderful addition. She's such a wonderful girl! She fit right in from the very first day. It took her a little bit to adjust but she pretty much rules the house now! She likes to "boss" everyone else around. Thank you so much for allowing me to take this special girl home! I love her so much! It means so much that you entrusted me to love and take care of this precious little girl!!! Ashley (Alabama)




I'm in love! I can't tell you how much we love this dog. He has brought so much laughter and joy into our home. He is everything you said he was; the most affectionate, cuddly dog I've ever met. Thank you for this little blessing ~ Magic III. Luigi is another blessing into our home. It took a few days but the boys are inseparable. Look how close they are now. Thank you so much. Jim (New York)

Pippa puppy watching her new owner hoping for a treat


How can anything be so cute?! And sweet! And smart!  We just adore her! Pippa is a happy, snuggly, playful little girl.  She’s made a lovely transition into our home and has already added so much joy. Thank you for our new little family member - we feel like we’ve had her forever!  We love her so much, and love her even more each day. She’s a dream come true. Emily (Virginia)


Ruby's first night and day home went smoothly (She arrived at 11pm). She has an adorable personality and loves our attention; she shows us so by barking, ha, ha, ha. She is very sweet and affectionate. We are in love with her! Thank you for the opportunity to have such a beautiful girl in our family. Luis (Puerto Rico)

see coat change from dachshunds puppy to an adult female shaded cream


Christmas is extra special with an english cream dachshund to share it.


Miss Lyla is almost a year old...Dec is a picture of her with our Christmas Tree. She’s doing great and she’s so much fun. We love her more each day. We are so lucky to have this little darling in our life. Thank you so much for the perfect little girl. Cheryl (North Carolina)

Cream dachshund posing for her beautiful coming home picture


I wanted to give you an update on Harley and her first month home with me! Harley is amazing, she is learning so much and a major cuddle bug! She is such a show stopper and loves to meet new people. She runs right up to them and wants them to rub her belly (she’s not shy at all)! She gets so many compliments on her fur and personality! I wanted to say thank you and can’t wait to keep you updated with pictures as she grows. Jessica (Pennsylvania)


Pluto is doing well and growing by the day. He loves his food, as you can probably see from his fat belly on this picture of him curled up with his best buddy Rigsby. He loves to play, loves to cuddle and loves having his tummy rubbed and we love him very much. Amanda (South Carolina)

Puppy dachshund and her toy puppy


I want to let you know that Lily is doing great! She is so smart, calm, sweet and funny. Her big brother Benny loves her, he has changed a lot for the better because of her. Thank you so much for this sweet and beautiful little girl! Luz (Connecticut)


We can’t thank you enough for bringing this precious girl into our lives. We have been showering her with love and getting tons of puppy kisses! She is so precious, funny and loving! She loves to go on walks, run outside with the kids, cuddle up with everyone and of course lays in the sun... her favorite spot! What a sweetheart! Thank you! John, Holly, Olivia & Nathan (Georgia)

dachshunds love laying on their back so thay can have their tummies rubbed

Scout is doing great! His temperament is just perfect for our girls. Our eight year old daughter describes him perfectly: spunky, sweet, cuddly and adventurous! He's the most snuggly puppy ever. Thank you for this amazing little boy. We are in love! Erika (South Carolina)



Just want to let you know that Katya is thriving, healthy and beautiful. She is growing quickly and is smart and energetic. She has taken to training like a champ and seems to really enjoy this interaction with us. Katya is so gorgeous she has become a rock star in our New York neighborhood. Mitch and Sofia (New York)


We have had another great week with Duchess!!! Her personality is really coming on and she has bonded especially well with our other long haired doxie. They play and take walks together. She is really smart and learning the commands that we use. Duchess is gorgeous ~ a TRUE princess. We love this girl!!!!! Jason (Tennessee)


Libby and our other dachshund, Louie, have become best friends and are having lots of fun together! Libby is a wonderful dog! We love having her in our family! Thanks again! Maggie (Wisconsin)


Mario is doing well!  He is so lovable! He is the most loving, cuddly, sweet, handsome boy ever. Mario loves people, but they love him even more. They can't believe he's a doxie and that his hair is like silk. We can't imagine life without him.  He loves his doxie sister so much and they cuddle together all of the time. Marlena (Tennessee)


Cooper is the SWEETEST boy!! He is so calm and lovable, always ready to kiss anyone who will accept them! He's also absolutely beautiful. People stop when they see him and say he's the most beautiful pup they've ever seen. We just love him!!! Thank you! Laura (Massachusetts)


Max is such a sweet darling. Almost as soon as we got home Zara took Max into the garden and started to encourage him to play. Within ten minutes he was racing around the garden chasing after her and rolling on his back for a tummy rub as soon as she stopped and he caught up.... he seems to love tummy rubs. On our first walk we ventured out around the lake, and much to my surprise Max walked perfectly on his harness; not pulling, not dragging - a perfect little trotting gentleman. We looked up the meaning of his name, Max, it means "The Greatest"...very fitting for our new regal boy. Still can't believe how absolutely gorgeous, sweet and cuddly he is...we're all in love! Amanda (South Carolina)



I just wanted to let you know how much we are loving our new puppy! She is gorgeous!!! We named her Charlotte but we call her "Lotte." She is an absolute LOVE! I can't believe how sweet and easy going she is, like we've had her all along. Here is a new birthday picture of Lotte. She is all grown up now and is so very beautiful. Thank you so much. Rosemary (Massachusetts)


I just wanted to give you an update on Belle. She is doing great and growing so much. Guinness, her doxie brother, has been so good to her. They are great buddies now. Belle is the sweetest dog!!! She has brought so much joy to our lives and has become a very important member of our family! Thanks so much for everything. Courtney (South Carolina)


Charli is the best thing to ever happen to me and my family. She has been a blessing beyond words. Never knew such love, loyalty and happiness could come from such a lil girl. The best thing bout Charli is that she is so good in public and everyone wants to love on her. She loves to wear her lil dresses and jackets. She wants to go everywhere with me and 75% of the time she gets her way. I could never express how much I appreciate you choosing me to adopt her and I look forward to adding to our family again thru you. Thank you for my lil princess. Tammy (South Carolina)

Happy owner with her cream long hair dachshund puppy


Our little Sherlock is such a sweetie. He has won the hearts of everyone. He loves to snuggle in our laps and fall asleep. He is the most adorable puppy that I have ever been around. We just love him so much. He makes us laugh at his playfulness and the way he darts around the house. We can't go anywhere that we are not stopped for people to ask about him. He is simply adorable. Thank you so much. Brandi (Texas)



We just can not tell you how crazy we are over Cooper! He is smart, SO beautiful and sweeter than sugar! He has put more smiles on my face than I can even count! Everyone who meets him is just in awe of his charm!! He is the "stealer" of hearts around here!! All in all... he is just too good to be true! I don't know how to ever thank you enough for placing this bundle of happy, happy, joy, joy in our life. We are forever grateful!!! Jennifer and Larry (South Carolina)

beautiful english cream puppy living her best life in Mexico


Zarina is the most wonderful girl. She is so sweet and likes to give lots of kisses to everybody. She is smart and practically came housebroken! She is really more beautiful every day. Thank you very much for such an amazing girl! We love her so much!  Adriana (Mexico) 

Dachshund running in the yard, enjoying life in her new forever home


Bindi is such a joyful addition to our home! Her temperament is gentle and sweet. She loves crackly water bottles, hunting down lizards and rolling around on her favorite toy. When she's happy/excited she twirls around in circles. While she is an energetic little doxie, she's equally as happy to snuggle on the sofa with us. Absolutely love her! Barbara (Delaware)


I can't thank you enough for my precious little boy Bennett. He is such a good boy! So playful and such a sweetie, he climbs right into my lap when he's ready for his nap! Even sleeps through the night without a peep. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him immediately. I brought him to petsmart and had to leave cause I had a crowd around me wanting to pet him and saying how cute he was! He was loving every second! Bennett is just too cute for words. We are going to have such good times together! Katy (New Jersey)


Mariah Hope made the long journey home at just eight weeks old and 3.3 pounds. Tomorrow she will be four and a half months old and has more than doubled in size and weight. She is learning so much everyday and is so inquisitive and loving. She and our other doxie, Sacha, are a true team and love each other. We got Sacha 4 years ago also from Peggy and Robert. We could not be happier with our angels. Cindy (Washington)


Just want to let you know I can't express the love I have for Kristi! What a special puppy she is. We snuggle every day and I feel like she was sent from heaven. She seems to heal my tired soul every day more and more. She is very sensitive and we have bonded so much. Don't get me wrong she is all puppy and plays rough and tumble with Khloe my long haired chocolate girl every day. My 9 year old Khloe is very gentle with her and respectful of sharing the toys. She allows Kristi to chase her all through the house, round and round.  It is so fun to watch them. This afternoon when Kristi got tired she came to me to snuggle. I sat with her a couple of hours and then put her in her crate next to my bed. Within minutes Khloe came and laid down right next to Kristi's crate. What joy Kristi has brought us!  Betty and Dick (Kansas)

Dacgshunds love ice cream


Just wanted to let you know that  Buckbeak is doing so well and I love him so much! He is absolutely the most precious, sweet, loving, patient and intuitive first dog I could ever ask for. The neighbors, friends, and everyone that comes by him absolutely adore his little cute face. He is living his best life here at home! Engee (Virginia)


Reagan is doing incredibly well. I am crazy about him and he is assimilating wonderfully with the pups!!! Reagan is too darn cute for words!!! I love my little boy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Laura (Pennsylvania)


Bailey has become such a large part of our life and our family. She s a joy and an ANGEL. She brings light and happiness to all who meet her. Somehow she worked her way into sleeping on our king size bed -- at first she slept at the foot of the bed. Gradually she inched her way to the top of the bed between Tracy and I and lately she has taken to sleeping under the covers with her head on a corner of my pillow.  She wakes me every morning to go outside and always wakes up happy and playful.  I love to start my day with her ... so precious! Jack and Tracy (Rhode Island)


We are all smitten with this sweet little girl. She is smart, spunky and full of cuddles. The vet says we have a real winner. Just know that she is so loved and cherished by all here in our home and our extended family as well. Toula has added so much love back into our home that has been missing since our Sam passed away in May. She brings her own personality and spunk and has filled our hearts once again with that special love that is reserved for pets. Thank you for her. She brings us all so much joy! Janny (South Carolina)


I just wanted to give you an update on Mila. She is truly the best dog that I have ever had—so sweet, snuggly, smart, and beautiful. She is now 9 months old, around 9 pounds, spayed, and so happy living in New York City! I’ve already purchased her the cutest sweaters and jackets in preparation for our first winter here. Thank you so much for giving me my best friend, she truly is the best!!! Falan (New York)



Our little Leopold is thriving and the sweetest baby ever! Just when we think it can't get any better, it does. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this tiny little boy!!! He is tiptop in our book!!! Laura (Pennsylvania)


I just thought you’d like to see this super cute picture of Scout. He’s happy, healthy and loves his new home so much. He loves cuddles, playing, napping and wagging his tail! He’s such a good boy and we couldn’t love him more! Kyle (South Carolina)

Harlow the English Cream dachshund lives in south carolina

We continue to adore Harlow. He still loves to cuddle and spends a great deal of time riding behind me in my wheelchair. In fact, he now will get up on the foot rest and sits until I pick him up. He has a blast playing with all three of the big dogs in the family. It is comical. I cannot imagine a better natured dog. When he first came home we thought "his barker might be broken" as Scott put it, now he runs out the door barking. He's a happy boy! Lisa (South Carolina)



Lincoln is doing amazing, he is the most beautiful boy and he is still the sweetest pup I have ever met. He is such an angel, we are in love! Thank you for this beautiful and smart puppy. Tiffany (Rhode Island) 


Hamilton is doing awesome! He's so cute, sweet, playful and smart! He knows a bunch of commands! Hamilton is comfy and having a good time with us! We love him more than anything. Beth (Connecticut)

english cream dachund puppy waiting for her puppy food.

We named our little girl Nala and we are in LOVE with her. She is the cutest little thing ever. Thank you for bringing her into our lives! Sarah (New York) 



What a wonderful dog! Abby is attached to my hip (ankle) and loves to curl up with mom or Deb on the couch. She is a great traveler, loves her kennel for sleeping and car rides. She is a lover and is happiest on a lap. Abby has won our hearts. Thank you for sharing her with us. Brian (Minnesota)


Frankie is doing great and has quickly become part of our family. She is extremely playful, loves to fetch, and follows me everywhere. We took her to the Outer Banks recently and she had a blast on the beach. Thanks so much for everything. John (Virginia)

two boy buddies asleep in their dog bed, showing contrast in coat colors


Our two little Kings are doing great! They are two peas in a pod and always together. They are so sweet and funny! We do love them so much and are thrilled that they are adjusting to their forever home. We decided to name our first boy, King Oliver of the Mountain Laurel Forest. We have the laurel all over our property and thought he could reign over his kingdom nicely along side half brother Fritz. So, let it be known throughout the Land that Fritz and Ollie rule this roost! Haaaaaa!! Thank you so much for bringing this extra joy into our lives. Joan and Paul (North Carolina)

Dachund with her halloween pumpkin


Harley is adjusting really well and seems to be very happy and likes her  new home. She was a little shy on day one but once she met Daisy she perked right up. They are best friends already. Harley is so sweet and loves to cuddle. She is sleeping in bed with us so nights have been really smooth. She has the cutest personality and is so much fun. I can't thank you enough for allowing us to adopt Harley. We just love her. She is already part of the family. Allison (Utah)

Finny thinking what was that! Dachunds are always on the alert for visitors


Finny is the best little dog I could ever ask for! He loves snuggles and being with his family 24/7. We are so lucky to have him. Farley (South Carolina)

Dachshund showing off his new blue collar.


Auggie is acclimating to his new family and his home.  He has too many toys and likes to take them all out at once, so he has choices. I thank God everyday for bringing this bundle of joy into my life. Thank you too. Denise (Massachusetts)


Miss Ellie Mae's favorite pass times include cuddling, having her belly rubbed, "helping" momma with paperwork, conning big brother's girlfriend into girl time, wrapping daddy around her little paw trying to get Cheetos as a treat, and then back around to cuddling! She loves to be carried around and she puts her paws over your shoulder so that you carry her like the baby princess she is! She is very patient with this mother of three boys, allowing herself to become my dress up doll. She doesn't know a stranger, as long as they have a lap, she is most willing to warm it! She constantly wows people with how pretty she is, everyone particularly likes her "Cleopatra eyes" with her "eyeliner" out at the side of both eyes. She has a genuine sweet, warm spirit that makes everyone fall in love with her! Jewel (Texas)


This is our beautiful Grace. She is smart and very loving. What a playful little girl she is and she makes us smile every day. When people see her they are astounded by her cute little face and how friendly she is. She melts our hearts and has brought so much joy into our home. We are just so happy that we found Belle Amore. She is a blessing from God. Amy (South Carolina)


I wanted to let you know that Ollie is settling in very nicely here in Plymouth. He and Ryder, our Black Lab, are getting along beautifully! My husband, Mark, is smitten with him! Ollie has been the center of attention everywhere we have been. He made friends at the airport and he basically took over the airplane when we boarded. Before we took off, the flight attendant took him out of the crate and carried him to the cockpit to meet the pilots and everyone was snapping pictures and asking questions about him. We went to the vet today and he is a very healthy puppy, as you know. Best to you and your family. Patti (Massachusetts)


English Cream dachshund color change from puppy to adult


Lexi brings so much love and joy to our family.  She is the sweetest puppy who loves to play and cuddle. She wants to be around people all the time, everyone that meets her falls instantly in love with her. We are so thankful to Belle Amore for completing our family. We love Lexi with all our heart!  Thank you so very much! Chrissy (Illinois)


I just wanted to give you a quick update. Frankie is such a dear boy! He has met so many new friends and other dogs in the very short time we have had him. Everyone is in LOVE! He is so playful and energetic and then takes long naps. He is eating more each day and even went for short walk on a leash this morning to meet a neighbor and her dog. Frankie has been just wonderful!!! Nancy (Georgia)

Black and tan long hair dapple not knowing what to do next


I thought I would give you an update on Cody.  He is such a joy. He is a fast learner.  He comes when called, sits on command, closes all the drawers and doors (that are on his level) for me, knows the names of some of his toys and can retrieve them.  He loves people and most other dogs.  His BFF is a yellow lab pup (28 lbs) named Luke. Everyone who meets him, loves him and says what a handsome boy he is.  We can't thank you enough for putting him in our lives. Penny (North Carolina)


Blondie is such a cutie and has a personality to go with it! I have never had a doxie that was so mellow even as a puppy. So far, she has yet to bark!!! She loves to swim in the bathtub. We took her to the lake this past week and she charged right in and swam without any coaxing! I wanted to let you know that Blondie is a jewel!! Michelle (Georgia)


Schnapps is a little over a year-and-a-half years old and he is the delight of our lives! Everyday he goes to work with us and greets our customers ~ he is quite a judge of character. He often sits on the counter to say his "hellos" and he loves the attention. Protection of us is very important to him and no one gets behind the counter at work without him giving them a warning bark. When the work day is over he just senses it and gives us notice that he is ready to go home and play. He loves to ride in the car and when we slow down he wants the back windows down so he can get a closer look at his surroundings and let the wind blow in his face. Joy is Schnapps! Shirley and Dave 

(North Carolina)


Claire Reese is doing great. She loves my other two dachshunds and begs for their attention. She gives them kisses on the face and everyone she meets. She's so smart. She realizes when you go to Nanny and Papa's you get even more love and attention and play. Jennifer (South Carolina)


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