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English Cream Dachshunds... always stunningly beautiful!

Belle Amore Cream Dachshunds

This puppy is one of our dapple puppies all grown up.

Our English cream dachshunds puppies are bred in our home exclusively from AKC champion lines. We are commited to strive for the best possible outcome regarding the health and temperment of our English cream dachshund puppies. And they are beautiful, too!

We met our first English cream dachshund while on a family adventure and it was love at first sight!  Now, we were on a quest to find the just right English cream dachshund for our family. That perfect little dachshund was Annabelle, she is now fifteen years old and still enjoying life. Annabelle started it all and led us on an adventure we had yet to fully appreciate.


When I made the decision to breed puppies I challenged myself to make a thoughtful and informed decision on what breed I would love to become part of our family life. My research was an eighteen month journey that ultimately led me to English cream dachshunds. My best insight came from visiting dog shows so I could learn from the experts. I gleaned everything I could from these encounters.



With the arrival of our first litter we

got caught up in the excitement of seeing and embracing these new little babies, it was everything we had hoped for. It just doesn't get any better than this, so we thought, but we quickly learned the heartbreak that comes with being a professional breeder. You can't keep them all, so we tearfully said goodbye to our very first babies as they left

us to join their loving families.  

After several litters of puppies had joined their new families we were eagerly ready to add a new puppy to our own family. Now this was going to be fun: we actually get to keep one!!! Kyabella came first, followed by Tinkerbelle. Annabelle, who throughly enjoyed being a mother, delivered these two precious babies to our family. Our hearts overflowed with abundant love for our new fur babies.



I love chocolate dachshunds but AKC judges prefer the traditional coats of red and black. Because of this, show breeders follow the lead of AKC judges and breed their dogs accordingly. I searched for a chocolate in the USA but wasn't able to find a show breeder for one here in the USA. But, Russia loves chocolates and dapples, so we found our little beauty, Bindibella, across the seas in far away Russia. She was worth the search and the wait! 

Having ten children and twenty-five grandchildren, plus an assortment of sons and daughter-in-laws, our house is always a hub of activity. English cream dachshunds are very adaptable. Ours join in with our every day interactions and think of themselves as one of the kids, we couldn't agree more. Arabella is one of the puppies we bred and she learned and thrived in our family "chaos" from day one. She has a gentle soul, and is a true sweetheart!!!  


We think all of our dogs are special and can't really find any faults with their beauty and charming disposition, to us they are the perfect dog. English creams are known for their ability to steal your heart, once you bring one into your life you will be amazed with the bond you share. Isabella is one of the puppies we bred and we are truly in love with her. It is our family's privilege to share our lives with this precious little girl.


Sully is a sweetheart and absolutely

gorgeous! When breeding creams it is important to bring some color back into your puppies so they will keep their black nose and eyeliner. Sully's father is a cream and no ordinary dog! He was the National Dachshund Champion in 2008 ~ all we can say is, WOW! Sully is a black and tan with the heart of a cream. Sully is Isabella's father. 



English creams are strikingly beautiful with blond coats that are typically, and elegantly accented with dark shading. Their coats can vary from a golden blond, to an antique gold, or a deep strawberry blond. 

Technically these precious little ones are identified as cream and not blond. Our babies are born with a dark coat that will gradually evolve into a beautiful cream coat as they mature.

Each of our dogs have their own unique personality, but they all share the common characterisitc of being major cuddle bugs. English creams are very affectionate and their favorite thing to do is be by your side no matter where you are or what you are doing. They are true "lap huggers" through an through! Our sweet babies never tire of cuddling and they delight in endless tummy rubs that we are always happy to provide.


Ziva website_edited.jpg


I absolutely love dapples. They are gorgeous of course, but they also have a look that says, "I am really cute, too!" The day finally came when we adopted our very first precious little dapple. Reinibelle is more special than I can give words to, and she is a big hit with the family, everybody wants to take her home. Rein sparkles with life every day and brings us immeasurable joy as we share our life together.

Normally, you can see that Gus has beautiful long ears, but it is hard to tell it in this picture. We love to take our dogs on family adventures and they love it beyond description! Into nature is always a big hit with the family and a big hit with the dogs too. We are on White Oak Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains. There was a blustery wind that day and Gus's ears stayed in tack and he amazingly did not fly away. He trekked along with us like a champ. 



Our dachshunds are a very important part of our life; we love them dearly. But, to our surprise we have experienced how much they love each other. All dogs want to be part of a pack, its a natural part of who they are. Dogs regard their family, both the two-legged and furry members, as part of their pack. You will be the focus of their life, but after you, the furry guys win hands down. So, if you are up to it or have considered you might be a more than a one-dog family ~ go for it. 

Just like people, DNA make us and dogs who we are.  A dog has thousands of genes, but only 8 genes in a dog are associated with coat color. Black is a basic coat color and cream is a recessive coat color. Genes can be very complicated in understanding how they are put together and Manny is a classic example. Manny's coat color appears predominately black but his cream is what makes him so striking. Manny's father is Sully who is actually 50% cream and his mother, Zivabella is 100% cream. So Manny is actually 75% cream.




We have two breeder friends that each have a dog we greatly admire, one is a cream and the other is a black and cream. We mentioned to our friends that we would love to have a puppy from these two: and they did it! Tali is a beautiful shaded cream and a very smart little girl. Tali "talks" to us all of the time, we usually understand what she is telling us.

After adopting Talibelle we just couldn't stop talking about how strikingly beautiful black and cream dachshunds are, and then the day came when we were destined to add our first little black and cream puppy to our family. Tia has been everything we hoped for and more, we immediately knew she was the right puppy for us and fell in love the first day we held her in our arms. She has a sweet inquisitive spirit.


Ridge on his thirteenth birthday*

I have to admit I have always had a strong preference for girl pets. But, committed to breeding little dachshund babies meant we would be welcoming a baby boy into our family. Ridge was our first boy and he won us over within minutes. I now understand how special little boys are and I tell them that every day. Ridge started something big as the patriarch of our fur family. 

All of the dogs on this page have blessed us with beauituful puppies. If they have an asterisk after their name it means they have retired,

but are still very loved.

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